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When people hear “Africa” they think of one big country, despite all of it’s problems countries in Africa are progressing but you never see or hear of that on the news, all you see or hear about is the wars,famine and corruption.
Most of these african countries barely gained independence in the 50′s,60′s and 70′s but oh men…… they doing so well and I am proud of them and and proud to be African.
I know that Africa will progress but it won’t happen over time,we need all those children that went to the Europes and Americas to further their to come back and rebuild africa.
Africans are rich in happiness despite our struggles, we are always laughing and smiling,shaking hands and never letting go, shouting on top of our voices when excited, but only a few outsiders understand.

So, for most people out there looking for premium purchase, we recommend the newly arrived c7 for the xbox one x and ps4 pro. Not worth spending extra on higher OLED models because there’s no change in picture quality and all the higher models are using the same panel and the change is only in the design. and you are paying for only design changes mostly when go to higher lag is very low at and good for gaming. Also,We think LG don’t want to mess with gamers like last learned their lesson. For those wondering should i pick B6 or C7? our opinion is, C7 is 25% brighter and image retention is less stronger than 2016 OLED tvs. Input lag is also very low at 21ms.

What is the best pro anabolic

what is the best pro anabolic


what is the best pro anabolicwhat is the best pro anabolicwhat is the best pro anabolicwhat is the best pro anabolicwhat is the best pro anabolic