Texte oral je t aime

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The lovers repeatedly attempt to consummate their relationship. Johnny finds anal penetration painful, and her echoing screams and cries of distress repeatedly disturb their neighbours, and the couple are forced to leave hotel room after hotel room in order to find a place in which to complete their copulation. Je t’aime moi non plus sets up a series of scenes that depict the couple never-achieving sexual satisfaction. Although the film emphasises Krassky’s need to penetrate Johnny anally it becomes clear at the film’s climax that this pleasure is mutual.

My name is => Mon nom est
My phone number  is => Mon numéro de téléphone est
My birthday is on the 3rd of July => Mon anniversaire est le 3 juillet.
I am an only child => Je suis fils / fille unique
Dire son âge => I am thirteen. (en anglais, contrairement au français, on utilise le verbe être (BE en anglais) pour exprimer son âge.)
I am from London / I live in London.
I am French, I am English, I am American, I am Italian.. (ne dites pas : my nationality is French )

Texte oral je t aime

texte oral je t aime


texte oral je t aimetexte oral je t aimetexte oral je t aimetexte oral je t aimetexte oral je t aime