Oral t carter

Once my moms friends went to spend the night in the house she lived in and they actually saw her… that is so scary! The story is wrong though she was not murderd she got really sick she had nmonia [or somthing like that] when she came to visit her aunt and uncle. She was born is Indiana. When she got there she went up to her room and then her Aunt heard a really strange sound like someone gettimg shoked but she was dieing…they burried her in a forest wich is now under many apatments & some homes when they went to dig her up there was nobody in the casket. People say they see her walking down south parkway every now and then. oh and its off of the Parkway

However, during the hearing on the recantations, defense attorneys also argued that Bello and Bradley had lied during the 1967 trial, telling the jurors that they had made only certain narrow, limited deals with prosecutors in exchange for their trial testimony. A detective taped one interrogation of Bello in 1966, and when it was played during the recantation hearing, defense attorneys argued that the tape revealed promises beyond what Bello had testified to. If so, prosecutors had either had a Brady obligation to disclose this additional exculpatory evidence, or a duty to disclose the fact that their witnesses had lied on the stand. [ citation needed ]

Oral t carter

oral t carter