East german day pack

It is perhaps only proper to note that if Germany had won the war, the Ottoman Empire would have been expanded, subjecting many Arabs and other nationalities to its rule. And if the French and British had granted 'self-determination' to the inhabitants of this region it is possible that the result would have been the balkanisation of the area, with fragile and often antagonistic fiefdoms and kingdoms prevailing. It seems likely that, no matter how this war in the Middle East had been resolved, the region was destined to suffer instability and conflict in the years ahead.

This morning we travel a section of the famous Skeleton Coast road, passing the Salt Works we head north for a photo opportunity in the colourful town of Wlotskasbaken. Lichens are one of the most fascinating examples of symbiosis in nature, algae and fungus unite to form the Lichen and live inseparably as one organism. We will have the opportunity to view these fascinating desert inhabitants before turning east towards Spitzkoppe. These massive granite formations tower 700 metres above the desert plains below and the presence of rock art indicates their significance to the San people who lived here many years ago. We join a local guide for an exploration of these fascinating landforms before completing the journey to our overnight stop at Khorixas.

No loose gear: Everything goes in packs so small items aren't lost in a capsize or left behind. A carefully sealed tripping pack is almost completely waterproof, but a hassle to get into, so carry a personal daypack for the things you need often. Gear is a lot harder to lose if it's brightly colored, but shouldn't all be the same color either. A bush pilot won't spot five belly-up red canoes, but if you've got a red, yellow and a blue, he'll see them. Don't: Leave small items like paddles, thwart bags, and map cases tied into the canoe when you portage it.

East german day pack

east german day pack


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