Dbol and hcgenerate cycle

Forma stanzol is garbage and wont do shit for an aromatizing compound like test I tried using it on my first test cycle because I didnt know where to get a legit AI and I had to cut it short cuz I started getting gyno. formestane itself is great from what I read the problem is that these so called transdermal lotions have shitty delivery systems that just dont get enough of the AI into your system. so long as you got the arimidex you should be gtg. guess it couldnt hurt to finish the bottle of Form though. Also do more homework on the hcg protocol.

I’ve heard that before and always questioned the veracity of that claim. Dianabol was designed originally for androgen replacement (at low dose - 5-10mg/day), and tbol is a 4-chloro derivative of dbol… My thinking is that you wouldn’t see any issues in that area while on, though there is always the possibility of issues once you come off. There have been a couple reports by guys who used low-dose dbol for HRT rather than test injections with apparently great results (again, replacement not cycling). I’m no doctor, but in my (amateur) opinion that old argument doesn’t hold much water - or at least bears further investigation rather than miring in old-school bro-wisdom.

Dbol and hcgenerate cycle

dbol and hcgenerate cycle


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