Anabolic vs catabolic foods

In conclusion, be “heads up” during your daily life and be mindful of whether you feel anabolic or catabolic. Think about it…for example; you wake up, don’t eat, rush outta the house, stop off and get coffee before work, the boss yells at you…CATABOLIC. You just put yourself in a catabolic state now for half of the day until you eat a high protein meal and relax. Keep in mind this goes for men and women!   Instead, your day should have gone like this (like mine for example).  Some fun before work, eggs and greens and grains for breakfast, get to work, go to the gym, have a protein shake and some juice all before 2 pm..Big difference than the first example I gave you.  It is a matter of choice and life style.  Notice, I didn’t take any dumb ass pre workout or drink coffee.

It’s funny, I’m 5′ 8″ 180 LBS and pretty lean. I’ll be 53 in January and in better health and ability to build muscle now than ever before. But I’m definitely a combination of both anabolic and catabolic. That’s because I eat a high protein and nutrient rich diet along with working out 6 days a week. But I find I could never handle big training volumes—and I don’t do any systematic cardio. Just light walking and being out on a bicycle. I definitely want to learn more about this topic Will. Thank you sir!

Anabolic vs catabolic foods

anabolic vs catabolic foods


anabolic vs catabolic foodsanabolic vs catabolic foodsanabolic vs catabolic foodsanabolic vs catabolic foodsanabolic vs catabolic foods